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The night after the eclipse

On the "Placa Brion" there was a so called "Jazzy Eclipse Concert". That was a really nice event, many people where listening to the music and celebrating the day.


The first group with a snake dancer.


The audiance and in the background the "Queen Emma Bridge" (a ponton bridge) was opened and closed all the time.


The snake dancer.

James Willekes


67conjzz.jpg (14568 Byte)
Nice music


69conshp.jpg (13126 Byte)
The first ship was leaving the harbour again. It was a fascinating scene. The music was already over, only the sponsors list of the event was read the 3rd time...


70firw.jpg (12493 Byte)
In the end the was a firework and everybody was happy


There were off course more things about eclipse and tourism, I hope you got a good impression here.

On the next pages you find pictures, which children have drawn before the eclipse.