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It was amazing how many different eclipse shirts one could see. I took a collection of pictures, so you get an impressions. Not all women believed me, that I was only interested in pictures of the T-shirts ;-)

Well, enjoy it yourself.

The first picture I took is showing the "standard motive" sold in the tourist office (see below)


Carnival + eclipse


Buying T-Shirts, towels, posters, sun-glasses and more in the tourist office.


Even a local company for building
used the eclipse as motive for their ads


Meeting at the carnival.


Seems to be from a boat tourist.


A waitor.

Hardly to recognize as an eclipse T-shirt.
In the background you see one of the many hat-sellers on the carnival.


A more explanatory shirt on an american tourist.

19tsh.jpg (10985 Byte)
This T-Shirt Michael (see at "Eclipse") bought on the evening before the eclipse.


On the next page you see the ships with eclipse tourist coming back from their journey.