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The first contact I got with come children was by walking through Willemstad some days before the eclipse. From time to time I saw a group of children talking to some tourists, as you see it on the right.

After some minutes I met a group myself and they immediately asked me, if I want to buy a button. The price should be 2 Dollars. Well, actually I was not interested. I asked the children, if they are going to see the eclipse. "What a stupid question!", you may think. The answer was surprising: "Yes, in TV."
They told me that they do not have filters and that watching the eclipse without should be too dangerous.


01grp.jpg (14648 Byte)
"Do you want to have a button?"


The group which should watch
the eclipse on TV.


I started looking for some of the cheap foil, which I used for observing (see "Eclipse"), but I didn't have anything with me. So I explained them how they can use the reflection from a glass-plate. I unscrewed the filter of my camera and demonstrated the effect.
My suggestion was to use a picture from home. I said them, they should really look live to the eclipse and not on TV.

In the end they gave me the button for free. Thanks!

My eclipse button.



After that we walked to the tourist office to see what they offer for the eclipse and how they inform the people (see "Eclipse tourism").

Inside the building we found many pictures, drawn by children. They showed what children expect from the eclipse.


Exhibition of childrens drawings
in the tourist office of Willemstad.

See some pictures in detail on the next pages!