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The last seconds before totality...



... you see in these two pictures.
(There are still shadows!)

Shortly before the shadow came.
(Picture 1 of 4)


Shadow arrived, very short before totality.
(Picture 4 of 4)

Pictures 1,2,3,4

An animation created out of four pictures. When I saw my original material the first time I was a bit frustrated, because all scenes I filmed quite stressy. But if one takes the good pictures out it's ok. The animation is quicker than in reality!


Venus appeared already 10-15 minutes before totality, but here you can see her quite good.

Get an impression how the sun disappeared. This animation shows (nearly in realtime) how slowly this happens! It is not like somebody switching off the light!


Totality, finally!


On the left you see the eclipsed sun with its corona and the planets Mercury (upper left) and Jupiter (beneath the sun).

The impression of the eclipsed sun is actually undescribeable. It was a strange feeling seeing this new "object" high in the sky. To me it appeared quite big. This has two reasons:
1. The corona is bigger than the sun
2. A psychological effect, because this new object was the focus of my interest now.

The mood was great: Everybody looking up, beeing impressed and many people taking pictures, fullfilling  their "programme".


Mercury, Sun, Moon and Jupiter


Shorter exposure


Longer exposure

How dark was it now?
The pictures above are typical and everybody knows these pictures meanwhile. See here some other pictures:

The real brightness of the sky, showing
still a blue colour (corona overexposed)


It was brighter than on this picture, but the brightness of the sky is real.

It was incredible how quick the 2 minutes 55 seconds of totality were over!
I had some difficulties to remove the filter from my small telescope. I bought it two days before from Michael and did not train the use for the totality. Nevertheless I could get a look on some prominences and the corona shortly before the 3rd contact.