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Using this website
Set you screen to a resolution of at least 800x600 and Hi-Colour (16 bit)! This website is mainly a collection of commented pictures. Simply browse through it and use the navigation helps: On the left you can see the themes in which I grouped the pictures and on top you can see the pagenumbers. You can directly click on a theme or on a pagenumber.
The easiest way is to follow the right yellow arrow button for going forward. The arrow comes from a painting on a rock leading the way to the top of the highest mountain of Curaçao (see theme "Impressions").
The button with the red triangle brings you to the top of page. The picture is the lower part of a door of "Landhouse Ascension" on Curaçao (see also theme "Impressions").
People who find pictures of themselves in this website and do not accept being shown here should send me a mail. I will remove the pictures immediately.  


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