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It was a lot of work to realize this website. It was the first I did.

Final report (July 10th 1998): 
Finally I put the rest of the pictures and my comments on this website. Of course I only show a part of all my material, but now I want to use my time for other things. You can follow that by surfing to my webiste at www.uwereimann.de as a starting point for all further things!. The site will remain in the internet until the next solar eclipse August 1999 in Germany.
Put a link to this site on yours and tell your friends about it!

History of this website:
First Upload Mar. 16, 1998:

The themes "Welcome" and "My flight"

Upload Mar. 20, 1998:
New: The theme "Staying in Flamingo Park", Improvement of Design for Netscape, Additional browsing arrows near the page counters.

Upload: Mar. 24, 1998:
New: The theme "The Carnival" including 2 animations, small corrections on other pages.

Upload: Apr. 1, 1998:
New: The theme "Exit" with some links to other eclipse report websites.

Upload: Apr. 2, 1998
New: Every theme can be clicked now! You will find at least a short impression of every theme.
Upload: Apr. 5, 1998
New: Some new pictures in eclipse page. My Website reaches the number of 100 pictures now!

Upload April 9th:
The eclipse theme is ready. It contains 8 pages with 76 pictures (including 7 animations). My aim to give an impression about the eclipse as a whole event will be reached.
Upload April 24th:
The nice pictures of the children you will find now under theme "Children". I added some links in the "Exit". From every page you can send me a mail now, if you click on "Mail" in the left field.

Upload June 29th:
The theme "Eclipse tourism". Pictures T-Shirts, signs, eclipse-tour-ships in the habour and the jazzy eclipse concert.

Upload July 10th:
The theme "Impressions", "People" are filled. "Exit" is improved.