Try it yourself - for the first time in the Internet!

Let's see if you watched the small films attentively. You have now the possibility to fold the Brompton shown at right yourself.
When you reached the purpose, you get as reward a page with some impressions. Furthermore I present a video which shows the for beginners most difficult part of folding.
But first you have to do something for that: Click on one of the possibilities below the picture and wait what happens. I always offer several possibilities, what can be done in the next step. But not everything, what could be done, is correct or sensible. If you want to start again click on "Try it yourself!" in the navigation bar at left.
Details like releasing screws or fixing clips I left out.


Click on an action to execute it:
(For a better performance: Wait until this page is loaded completely! This may take a moment!)
Move the saddle down
Fold the handlebar
Fold the rear wheel
Fold the front wheel

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