Folding the bike: Unfolding the Brompton

Please have some patience until the little film at right is loaded completely.
At right you see how the Brompton is set up. For this the following steps have to be done:

  1. Swing the handlebars upwards and fix the hinge with the screw
  2. Unfold the left pedal
  3. Lift the saddle and fix it with the quick release lever
  4. Unfold the front wheel assembly and fix the hinge in the mainframe with the screw
  5. Unfold the rear wheel assembly

The rear wheel assembly is not locked. It is fixed revolving at its lower end and leans on the mainframe by a rubber element at its upper end. Again and again I am asked if this holds: Yes it holds, you even can go down curbstones with it!

lw108.gif (46 Byte)
ls81.gif (44 Byte)Unfolding the Brompton (350 kB)